A new way
of working

Renowned architecture firm, Elenberg Fraser have designed a truly dynamic and flexible workplace with large efficient floor plates.
Two predominant building forms integrate by a central atrium that filters natural light and fresh air into each level, offering visual connectivity and enhanced productivity.

Circulation and migration between floors is possible via open staircases to create ease of access to shared amenities and connectivity within the tenancies. Living plants along the internal facades alleviate mental fatigue by relaxing and restoring the mind.

16113_Clarke street_View 03_OP1_170828.jpg

a healthier, more sustainable building

Green outdoor terraces offer tenants flexible work or rest spaces, whilst vertical planting throughout the central atrium provides clean, oxygenated air.

Edible gardens and greenhouses feature on the terrace areas, whilst upper levels enjoy private terraced spaces with views of the surrounding CBD, Yarra precinct, Albert Park and Royal Botanic Gardens.

16113_Clarke street_170829.jpg

floorplates designed for flexibility

The design allows for unlimited options for sub-division and the capacity for additional internal staircases between floors without compromise to the structure and services.

Activity centres around the light-filled atrium with a choice of informal breakout zones and meeting spaces. Quiet areas with fixed workstations and formal meeting spaces have the option to open up to generous external working zones for increased flexibility.


the heart of South Melbourne

Market Lane acts as a ‘home away from home’ for the people that work here.

Rich in history, South Melbourne is a lively retail, food and art hub set amongst well-preserved Victorian era streetscapes and bluestone cobbled laneways.

Only a short walk to the main commercial district on Clarendon Street and South Melbourne Market, Market Lane is conveniently located with easy access to Melbourne CBD.